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Undergraduate Internship Program

The SCA Internship Program complements formal course work, testing theory with practice, and combining internship experience with a classroom seminar. The internship gives you the chance to explore career paths and gain invaluable hands-on experience outside the classroom. You can choose internships related to your major in many areas including arts, community organizing, economic development, education, environment, government, homelessness, housing, immigration, law, planning, preservation, social welfare, youth, and more. Some examples of compatible internships include: A/P/A majors might work with the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund; Latino majors with the Make the Road New York; or Met majors with City Planning.

All SCA majors are required to complete the internship program, which combines 2 credits of fieldwork with a 2 credit seminar (SCA-UA 40 Internship Fieldwork and SCA-UA 42 Internship Seminar). SCA offers majors in Africana Studies, Asian/Pacific/American Studies, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Latino Studies, Metropolitan Studies, and Social and Cultural Analysis. Participation is open to juniors and seniors. Seniors have priority.

Seminar Options

SCA-UA 42 (2 credits)  General Seminar  Fall & Spring

Co-requisite: SCA-UA 40 Fieldwork (2 credits)

Choose from a wide range of internship areas, listed above.  Examine policies, issues, ideas, and theories related to internships and agencies.  

The Fieldwork

For two credits of fieldwork, you will intern 10 hours a week for 13 weeks, a total of 130 hours.  Internships begin the first week of the semester and end the last week of classes.   Schedules are arranged according to your and your supervisor's needs. However, you should plan to work no less than three hours at a time.  Many interns schedule two full days while others spread the internship over three or four days.  

The Agencies

All internships are with government or nonprofit agencies related to department majors. The program is an academic one and internships must be unpaid.  Choose from many different placements listed on the "SCA majors" Blackboard site. (Go to NYU Home : Academics :Courses : Other : SCA_Majors). Responsibilities vary by agency but we require all students to be involved in meaningful projects that contribute to their understanding of the organization.  

To Apply

  • Research, plan and locate your internship the semester before enrolling. The department will help you with contacts, choices, and search strategies. Contact Betts Brown for an application and information.
  • Prepare a resume and cover letter.  For information on resume preparation consult the career development guide book.
  • Research internship opportunities on the SCA Blackboard site. 
  • Come up with a preliminary list of at least 3 agencies.
  •   Fill out an Internship Planning Form and e-mail with a resume to
  • Come to an internship meeting.  If none are scheduled, meet with Betts Brown, Assistant Director, Internships & Curricular Integration.
  • Send cover letter and resume to your preferred agency via e-mail, fax, or mail.
  • Interview with an agency and secure internship commitment.
  • Submit Internship Placement Information (on Blackboard) signed by your internship supervisor.
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