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Michael Ralph

Michael Ralph

Associate Professor, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Metropolitan Studies; Associate Professor of Social and Cultural Analysis , Africana Studies , American Studies ; Director of Undergraduate Studies; Director, Metropolitan Studies

Ph.D. 2007 (Anthropology), University of Chicago; M.A. 2002 (Anthropology), University of Chicago; B.A. 2000 (Africana Studies) Morris Brown College.

Office Address: 

20 Cooper Square, 434 NY, NY 10003


(347) 556-5271


(212) 995-4665

Personal Homepage:

Areas of Research/Interest: 

Citizenship, Sovereignty, Risk, Liability, Urban Youth Culture, Diaspora, Postcolonialism


Forensics of Capital: Risk and Liability, Citizenship and Sovereignty, in Senegal (Forthcoming).

Benjamin Eastman, Michael Ralph, and Sean Brown, eds.  2008.  America’s Game(s): A

Critical Anthropology of Sport.  London: Routledge.



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