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Ed Guerrero

Ed Guerrero

Associate Professor, Africana Studies, SCA/Cinema Studies;

Ph.D. (Ethnic Studies) University of California, Berkeley, 1989. (valedictorian) M.F.A (Filmmaking & Aesthetics) San Francisco Art Institute, 1972. B.A. (English Literature) San Francisco State University, 1972.

Areas of Research/Interest: 

Black cinema, black stardom & celebrity; Africa, Asia in cinema; science fiction & horror cinema, utopia/dystopia; mapping the Black Pacific; interrogations of the representational burden of race and difference.


US Department of State “Speaker Specialist” Grants: Serbia-Montenegro; Swaziland, S.A.; Norway & Denmark; Cape Town, S.A. Rockefeller Fellowship Program, in residence at University of Pennsylvania 1993-94. ‘Honorable Mention’ to Framing Blackness, for the Theatre Library Association Award for "an outstanding contribution to the literature of recorded performance." Lincoln Center, NYC, 1994. U.C. Santa Barbara Dissertation Fellowship 1988. Rockefeller Production/Post-Production Grant, PBS 1979.


Do the Right Thing (London: British Film Institute, Modern Classics, 2001).

Framing Blackness, (Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 1993).

Film:  Angela Davis: Walls into Bridges (PBS Documentary, 30 mins. 1979).

"Spike Lee and the Fever in the Racial Jungle" in The Spike Lee Reader. Paula Massood ed. (Temple University Press, 2008).

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"Be Black and Buy" Sight & Sound. (December 2000): 33-37.

"Black Stars in Exile: Paul Robeson, O.J. Simpson, and Othello" in Paul Robeson: Artist and Citizen. Jeffrey C. Stewart ed. (New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press, 1998).

"Circus of Dreams & Lies: The Black Film Wave at Middle Age" in The New American Cinema, Jon Lewis ed., (Durham, Duke University Press 1998).

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